ESA di Dunia

Deuh, judulna meuni kitu pisan nya. Yup, today I’m searching on new search engine called rankNoodle. Known it from Bandung’s Blogger Community on

A lil confused about the keyword I’ll put into the box for try that new search engine. Then, a word appear on my mind. Esa. My name. Yup, I type Esa on the box. You know what first appear on the monitor? A European Space Agency (ESA). Hmm, I don’t know why they choose that name, but it appears on the first line. Then I think about it. I was dreamin to be an astronout, just a dream and never do action tor each them. I just love space and love to school for Astronomy major. But my parents does not allowed my choice, so I choose another major. And I’m here now, growing up with web and programming.

Oops, I almost forget.. There is a name appears on it also. Ecologycal Society of America. Untung sa ga bikin 😆 Dan semua bisa Anda saksikan disini.

No matter what, I still love space and will always be. Thank’s for rankNoodle that gives me a clue about that. Hope, I can be as important as that organization *if I can said like that :mrgreen: *


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