Actually, it has been a long time I’m never visit my writing teacher at world wide web, Mr. Ersis (EWA). Today, to fulfill my longing for his articles, I visit him. A lot of articles must be left by me. He always updated his site with new inspiring articles. Not as others offer, he gave us many things to learn with no paid at all, just visiting and even leave a comment U’ll got a lot of knowledge from him.

I love writing, as I always said before. But I don’t have any book published yet. I was join the outskirtpress, but I do nothing with them.

I don’t know, when I visit the site I found a lot of articles and one of those articles said about “Longing Writing”, as I feel now. A long time I haven’t write anything here or somewhere else *except my work, I mean the articles and content that I should put it into the client’s site*. I miss writing something. But the idea just left without any permission. I lost my mind. Am I too busy with my job? I just wanna finish my job agree with the agreement. That’s it. And an unexpected things happen during the progress.

But it’s ok. Even then I lost my IDR 500.000 coz the tutorial of making site with WP for my friend, and lost my time to have a chat with my sister also to learn something *except Joomla*, I always try to do my best. As Rasulullah saw said, and ALLAH said to us that we have no choice except become the best in front of Him and always do as His messenger did, as long as you can do that.

Maybe I talk too much, I dream too much. But I don’t care. I just wanna say what I have on my mind. That’s it. Okay.. Just let me become myself and my better self 🙂



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